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Our pets mean the world to us, in fact they're not just pets, they are family. Sometimes we wonder who owns who! But above all it's a partnership where being the boss is shared, or so they let you believe.
But we love them unconditionally and they love us back. We protect them, shelter them, look after them, give up valuable bed and sofa space for them and forgive them when they destroy our favourite slippers, hide our socks and eat our food.
They are our companion through this journey we call life, they are more than just an animal, they are our life, our soul, they are Family.


I have been round animals all my life, capturing the moments often missed by others. As a pet photographer I like to spend time with my subject, getting to know them and importantly letting them get to know me, gaining their trust and allowing me to capture the real them Through the lens. Whether that's at one of our events or one of the many 1-2-1 sessions.
From goldfish to horse and beyond I can capture those special Family members for you to display in your home or on your phone.

My Work With the
Just For Dogs Charity

180 plus dogs re homed in the last year from September 2018 - September 2019

They Deserve
The Best Chance,
And Their Forever Home

Helping those that can't help themselves

It has been a year now since I started working with JFD

The idea first came to me while taking portraits of dogs at the "Dog Lovers Festival" run by Mad Hatters Events in Elvaston Park.

What if I could do Something to help promote a local dog charity? Having talked it over with my partner. She suggested a charity her friend did collections for up near Ashbourne. So of I went looking for a Rescue centre in Brailsford, Ashbourne. Where I met up with the Lovely Maggie, rushed off her feet!

They very kindly let us pitch our portable studio up at the next event(2 days away at the time) and it was a great success we helped raise some money and made some new friends and I fell in love with every dog there!

The story continues......

Now I go up when ever Maggie shouts, and spend a couple of hours taking portraits of new arrivals so we can find them homes as soon as possible.
Its been a fantastic success and most dogs are finding new owners.
Which makes myself and everyone at Just for Dogs very happy.
You can visit the "Just For Dogs" website and facebook page via the links below.

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