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Family Ties

who needs sibblings? I have juice!

Living my dream

Nothing else matters now

Forever Young

Proving life is never dull....

The Justice League

Sibbling power!

The other side of me

inside my head is quiet.....

A Wonderful Life

You could launch a thousand ships with that smile.

Just Happy



you want be an actor? or do you have chocolate on your hand.

Life, here I come

... work here I come.

peace out....

Some girls have a Lotti SAS!

Bubble and me

Cyberpunk Carly and Bubble head of on their greatest adventure.

you can do anything

...I can FLY!


It may only take a fraction of a second to take, but it will capture a fragment in time that can last forever. So, it needs to be the right fragment.


Portraiture in your home.

It starts with a visit to your house for a free consultation and to establish where we can set up. I have a wide range of backdrops, sets and props for you to choose from if you wish.

On the Day.

I'll bring everything I need to you. Such as lights, backdrops, floor and props. I shoot for around an hour using different lighting and backdrops as required. You may change outfits as many times as you like. You will be able to view the raw images as we go along. You will also be able to view the raw images at the end of the shoot if you wish to make some quick edits before the end of the session.

Portraiture on location

Again, it starts with a free consultation, this can be at your home or the location you would like to use. If it’s at home I will visit the location to get a feel for the area before the shoot. Once a time and date are arranged, we will meet up and spend an hour taking photographs. I’ll have a laptop with me, so You will be able to view the raw images and make some edits at the end of the session, to give you an idea of what to expect.

After the shoot.

It generally takes around a week to edit and retouch the initial set of proofs. Once they are ready, I’ll post out a set for you to. Then all you must do is choose! Easier said than done! Once you have deliberated and cogitated all you need to do is email the reference numbers that you wish to order, I’ll do some final retouching and arrange to deliver your images to you.


The shoot is paid for on the day of the shoot via bank transfer or cash.
Images are paid for on delivery via bank transfer or cash.

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